Live in your hopes, not your fears.

-Jon Gruden

Kim Stein

Master Financial Coach

Financial Coaching

Win With Money! Let's create a plan that’s easy-to-understand and created along with you.

Kim is here to help you...

Kim volunteers her time as a coordinator with Financial Peace University and Financial Peace for Teens.  Her passion and ministry includes working with Veterans and young Military families. 

Kim is the proud spouse of a Veteran.

Contact her today if you would like to get a program going at your church or community center.

Don't expect to make BIG GAINS if you're not prepared to make small improvements!

-Joe Baranello

Solutions & Services

I work with you, no matter where you are on your journey, to put together your personal plan to get out of debt, build wealth, live your dreams and/or retire where and when you want.  As your life changes and new needs arise, I provide coaching and recommendations on where you can look to obtain the services needed to keep you moving on your journey.  However, I will never sell or pressure you to purchase any products.  I do not sell insurance, investments or any other products.


Learn the 8 top mistakes to avoid in pursuing your financial goals.


Contact me today and let's get you on track to your dreams through financial success!


I provide one-on-one financial coaching to couples, families, and teens (including  Military and Veterans) who want to make changes in their financial journey.  My passion is to help others "Win With Money". 


Are you ready to break free from your financial challenges?


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Let me help you get there...

Where are you financially?
     Where do you want to be?

I meet you where you are and we will work together to get you where you want to be:

  • Debt Free
  • Building Weath
  • Retiring on your own terms


         "Just thinking about it?"                   "Not sure where to begin?" 


                        "Your partner is not on the same page as you?" 

What are your dreams?